If your life was a game, what genre would it be ?

Now do not tell me the Sims…too obvious! We all know that we are in the Sims…and that the cheatcode for money (rosebud!) does not work. And believe me I tried to scream out rosebud. Unlike in the Sims money did not appear. Go ahead try it if you do not believe me.

When we dig deeper, what is it that defines you ? I could say jumping over buildings like Mirror’s Edge, but that one jump I made is just not the same as the one in the game. And also it was me walking of the sidewalk…not a building.


Nope, not really my life. Wish it was, but that would be a very short life for me.

My life would be more of a very basic and boring version of Uncharted. I love to explore, but I do not get very far. I did travel quite some. So it is more of what I want it to be. So here is my big game announcement.

Minimalistic Uncharted with more expansions to come (buy the season pass! there will be more!)

And also Tour de France game, since I live in the Netherlands and bicycle a lot. Slowly…Tour de France – slowmo edition !

Tour the Uncharted !

And you ? What is your life about if we convert it to a game ?

Which game made you cry?


As men, that would be hard to admit if it happened I bet. Actually as a woman I think it is to…but I am brave. Seriously though, has a game give you the tear? Maybe each time Mario gives his life for his great love…and gets dramatically killed by a turtle is that the moment when your waterworks run?


Or perhaps each time you ” accidentally” run over a person in GTA.

Whatever it is, it is okay. We are all humans and even though the characters are not real. We do invest in them!

My moment

I can honestly say I cried once ! Once yes I did. I kind of was surprised 😛 in Gears of War with finding Maria for Dominique. So that is the only time…after that holding the controller shooting all enemies. Ben & Jerry in front of me, tissues sticking to my face. Screaming , why! whyyy!!!! Was the effect after the incident…

I tried to look for answer in multiplayer but people just told me to shut up…and calling everyone Maria was not helping either. It was a rough hour.  A confusing time, but Sackboy and a level full of Rainbows and Unicorns mended my heart.

Do not be ashamed…

Gamers cry to… it is okay this is a safe haven for you. We can all gather and share our moments.

Please do share 😈

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Work in progress

The site and everything is a work in progress…do not mind the typos ( I am not a native English speaker but that is not an excuse)

Do not mind the half articles

Please come back or if you have suggestions then please contact me 🙂

A woman’s review that one time a month: Clash of clans



First let me start out with a simple game. I cannot even call it a game, its one of those Facebook type games. Now I refuse to play by the means of Facebook. So luckily in this game by the company Supercell you do not have to. First of all I want to warn you, it is an addicting game, and I told myself I will never get addicted to such “games”. They are an disgrace to us “real (click!) gamers!!!

But yet I did…I want to warn you for the annoying tune you keep hearing over and over when you start up the game. Its a organ piano kind of sound. It drives me nuts !!! -10 points Supercell!!!! I dont want that annoying tune!!!!! Nobody wants it ! NOBODY!!!!!!!!!!


As a clan you can help eachother by donating troops to the clan castle. Sometimes mistakes are made 😛

Okay so then it starts, a super short tutorial for a super simple game. You have to build a townhall which is the center of everything. If your town hall gets destroyed, you are defeated. Yes you can get attacked…you are not safe. But luckily for the new ones you have a shield for a couple of days when you start. You can take  your time and get to know the game, which will be in a couple of minutes. Im telling you this is so simple. You build a couple of mines for the two resources you need. Elixer and gold…..then you can upgrade the mines which will take about 20 minutes…but as you progress of course this can take up to six hours to two days!!!!! YES!!!!  And you start out with two builders….the only money I invest is for a third builder and thats it. Because this game runs on in game purchases. Do not worry, you can get everything if  you are patient enough for free.

And you will be staring at your mines…..waiting for each coin to pop out because you want to buy a wall !!!



But you can buy gems, to me they are way to expensive. I am not an experienced freemium gamer as they call it I think. No. but 5 euros for 500 gems as I bought a builder was enough for me!!! Gems can speed up time, boost production of mines and buy you gold and elixer.

So anyway you need to protect yourself…..You cannot be attacked when you are online…but when you think you will go to bed peacefully everything you build can get destroyed and your gold and elixer to !! CRUEL!!!! And if you happen to pop in by going online you can watch your demise…CRUEL!!!!! You cant do anything about it, your innocent villagers…who just jump walls (if you have build walls at least) and they walk around and touch things randomly…as that is all I seem them do. They will be killed….at least it seems so, when you are attacked  they run and hide in the town hall and the soldiers will destroy the house. I assumed many of my villagers have died cruel deaths…many times…it would almost make me cry…


Its insane!!!!!

Unless of course you have a very very good defense going…I forgot to mention that..

After you get attacked a couple of times your shield gets up for a couple of hours (6 to 12 hours) and then you are safe. If your town hall gets destroyed you defenitely get a shield.  Unless you feel vengefull and want to revenge which is an option to avenge yourself by pressing the revenge button.  You then will loose your shield.

But…there is single player. This will not remove your shield and you can get stars (which unlocks trophies, which unlocks free gems) and gold and elixer oh yeahh! But its tough ! So upgrading the baracks will be good to unlock new army members.

(My mine will take 24 hour now…sigh….im hungry…for revenge!!!!!! After this long wait I will have some sort of new addition to my army…a wizard… or a man who just likes to wear a dress and a hood..whichever)


You can join a clan or start a clan, and start clan wars…I did not even get to that point..because my clan only exists of 5!!! Thats fine !!! Because we (are all woman by the way) We dont need clan wars! Ha!!! We will be fine! (It requires 10 members at least to fight) but you can join a clan easy and fight along with them and wreck innocent villagers who like to hop walls and touch things…so vengefull of you.

Anyway I will continue when my site is done. Its that one time a month, I  dont care. Dont read….*starts crying*

I give this game a -10!!!! Or a 6… I dont know…

Go play it its free pff!!!!!! Why you even bother to read a review? Its free!!!!! What worried it will take your precious time? Well you just read this??? O h fine…

Thank you for reading this… I love you



When are you a real gamer from a womans perspective


From a woman her perspective….but im sure my opinion matches million of women gaming. Why? Because no one will disagree so I must be right! Right?

  • You quit drinking red bull ( its ok..)
  • If you blindly have to touch the keyboard you automatically touch the letters w a s d
  • You love walking dead..
  • Your bulletproof vest matches your shoes and gun camo in COD (frag in style)
  • You find the Sims a disgrace and if you do play it, it gives you that drive you need for Call of Duty to make that double frag. Only then can you play the Sims.


That is it for now, I cannot reveal all because I do not want anyone to be able to pose as true gamer. Be carefull out there fellow gamer, it is a tough world for us.


Why fallout 1 and 2 is better then fallout 3


Here is why !

Top down view ! BOOM!!! Look at Diablo 3


Its cute from up top…yeah!!! Do not patronize me for thinking its cute …it is!!! What is wrong with the top down view????


Travel style in the old Fallout

Random encounters! Way cooler ! The whole travel map! Come on this is way cooler! You select a place on the map…and you go there…okay it does not feel as freedom perhaps. And it does limit movement.. But honestly, I love the fallout travel map. So you should to!


Traveling in the traditional Fallout

This way I got into a random encounter in Fallout 2…the cafe of broken dreams. Here I could talk to players that people (us gamers) played in Fallout  and in this cafe they shared their experiences on what they felt about the person who played them 😛 pretty awesome. So be nice to Mario, Altair, or Master Chief…they remember….


Cafe of broken dreams

And of course…dogmeat….he is in fallout  3 but here, take a moment… compare the two pictures:

He is cute and all that with his Jane Seymour different coloured eyes...but we are not playing petshop!

He is cute and all that with his Jane Seymour different coloured eyes…but we are not playing petshop!


Dogmeat fallout 2...does he not look awesome and fearless?

Dogmeat fallout 2…does he not look awesome and fearless?

Obviously I convinced you even as a new stranger who has never heard of Fallout (Shame on you) you are convinced. Dont thank me, thank Dogmeat.

Be safe! And go play Fallout 1 and 2….if you dare….